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Riding a 2.4s is a unique experience which provides intense pleasure. Easy and comfortable at low speed, it becomes a formidable race animal when you hit the gas.


This mythical Flat 6 combined with the

2.4 s and its 190 HP gives it all its rage, musicality, and power.


It is a dream come true to find a car of such exceptional quality in this subtle shade (light ivory) and fully refurbished with respect for authenticity.


Notice to all Porsche enthusiasts and exclusive car lovers : this car is unique in every way !


AOC Classics : Classic vintage cars and unusual Youngtimers.

Porsche 911 2.4 S - 1973


    14 900 Km 2 341 cm3 / 190 CV
    Light Ivory Manual / 5 / 
    Coupe 1973


    • Stratospheric state
    • Porsche's flagship model
    • Beautiful color combination
    • Huge potential in any collection

AOC Classics

Paris - Treviso



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