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Lotus Elise 111 S. Perfect. LHD left hand drive new


11470 KM !!!


All his booklets up to date + duplicate keys and orders


The Lotus Élise represents the very best that an automobile has to offer. A featherweight, breathtaking aesthetics, dizzying sensations and with the release of the 111s in 1999 a bewitching variable shaft VVC and a short gearbox that gives this already well-born car the feeling that nothing better can ever be produced as it appears perfect, unblemished, flawless.


The Lotus Élise 111 s is a collector's must: the ideal car, playful and not showing off despite a hellish cross between a Dino and a berlinette.

It is an insider's car between the toy and the Supercar and is aimed at enthusiasts, lovers of sensational cars, lovers of cars that are exclusive by nature.


It is the absolute quintessence of the English roadster, Colin Chapman's philosophy "Right is light" driven to the pinnacle.


It is the English car with its charm, its passion, its desires: The desire to give the maximum pleasure on the road at every moment, in every corner and at every brake.

This machine has emotion overwhelming:

What a car, what a miracle to have placed such an icon, such an object of pleasure on an open road!

You need a single-seater or at least a very powerful go-kart to get such sensations and these machines are of course not allowed on open roads.


The Lotus Élise is the demonstration by the physics of the masses that it is not necessary to make the horses howl to get sensations.

Porsche with its GT3s, its RSs, Ferrari with its Scuderia, its Challenge, its Speciale.

All of them have tried to advance the weight, but nothing can be done about it and no one, no manufacturer knows or can go under the critical ton anymore.


The Lotus will remain as such the dream machine that will put us all in agreement.

The 111 S is the best, the most inspiring.


It's a miracle to find one of these new European-made left-hand drive machines. Don't delay... Will only come along once!

Attention collectors and discerning investors.


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Lotus Elise S1 111S - 2000 - LHD !


    11 470 Km 1 796 Cm3 / 145 CV
    Silver Manual
    Coupe 2000


    • Genuine and extremely rare LHD plant
    • Entirely original
    • NEW Condition - 11,470 KM !!!!
    • All available booklets
    • A still affordable myth
    • Nothing above the wheel!



AOC Classics

Paris - Treviso



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